Rent Server 1C in cloud

Fully configured 1C server with the ability to install any configuration



1C in cloud is 1C program that is rented from provider for monthly fee. In terms of its capabilities, it corresponds to local version of 1C. The key differences are that in cloud version you can work online, and all information located on reliable remote server, and not on your computer.

Rapid implementation. You can use 1C immediately after registering with service – launch will take about 2 minutes.

System flexibility. It is very easy to disable and add new users. This helps not to spend money on purchasing licenses for each employee. It is allowed to change number of users at least every day and pay only for those who are currently using system.

Excellent speed. Configuration located on powerful server with modern hardware and an SSD storage system. Regardless of performance of your PC, you will get high speed in 1C. Most important thing is to have uninterrupted access to network.

Remote work. Cloud 1C available wherever there an Internet connection. This means that you can interact with colleagues from different parts of world. Moreover, it will be possible to enter cloud both from smartphone and from tablet.

Safety. Storing information in data center and making regular backups ensures that your data is safe.

Easy transition. Switching to 1C cloud is easy and takes little time. For example, you can transfer 1C system to remote server in less than day.

Predictability. The monthly rental price does not change while the contract is in effect.


Cloud 1C is suitable for:

Trade organizations. Use CRM and ensure uninterrupted work in databases with high load.

Structures from distributed offices. Combine many branches into single network, connect new employee in few clicks and promptly issue invoices to customers.

Internet shops. Exchange data with site, save on computer system and build interaction between operators and warehouse employees.

Accounting. Submit reports on time directly from 1C:Enterprise, maintain many databases with one account, take advantage of cloud even on busy days of reporting period.